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Decision Center - Business Console - Add ability for rtsUser to export decision service project

Non-technical users have the ability to use the business console in Decision Center however, they are not able to export their project from development to integration unless they are given administrative privileges such as rtsConfigManager.For exa...
3 days ago in Automation Decision Services (ADS) 0 Under review

Properties in Property Table should not be all required

When we use property table in the BAW case builder, we have optional properties, but the widget always make all properties required, it is not make sense.
3 days ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Submitted

Running bots on the same VM with different user accounts

We know that In IBM RPA, we do not have the ability to run bots on the same VM with different windows user accounts because it works with console sessions of Windows and cannot have two console sessions so is their any option to make it works with...
3 months ago in Robotic Process Automation 0 Future consideration

BPM Mail notification on CP4BA on container

We are currently using CP4BA on container, our case activities are BPM Based process/workflow. We need to notify the business users that they've tasks to process. In the current version using Navigator/case client UI, the users are only notified f...
5 months ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Planned for future release

log4j 1.x jar's support ended. Move jar versions to 2.15 and above

We recently found out that BAW uses log4j 1.x version which is unsupported version. We understand that log4j1.x jars are used in the product not vulnerable CVE-2021-44228 and it is vulnerable to CVE-2021-4104 if JMSAppender feature is used. Howeve...
18 days ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Submitted

Excel Integration - Search by named range / name manager

After some research with the Excel integration verbs, I realized that excelGet and excelGetTable works only with cell ranges or line/column references.There is an available resource inside Excel that allow us to find cell ranges based on a named i...
5 days ago in Robotic Process Automation 0 Submitted

Have a public API to queue in the first queue of the process

When I use Process Orchestration, with systemic queue, I need to insert a message in the first queue, to start the execution. But I can only insert via bot, so I can't make another system(BAW) start my Process, inserting an item in the queue.So I ...
5 months ago in Robotic Process Automation 0

Provide Daeja View Toolkit for BAW

We use Daeja View embedded into BAW using a toolkit originally created by an IBM employee ( This toolkit is very useful but is now showing it's age as BAW has ...
4 months ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Planned for future release

Issue with updating WAS Admin passwords for IBM BAW where special characters are included as part of password

Hi IBM Team, We are trying to automate the solution for updating WAS admin passwords [CELLADMIN and BPMADMIN] that get generated by the CyberArk Vault. As suggested by IBM Support, used Jython list syntax to change the wsadmin Passwords but still...
12 days ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Submitted

log4j 1.x jar's end of support dates passed. Move jar versions to 2.16 and above

We are using BPM version 8.6 and it never uses KCCI ear files . Not using KCC ear files is mitigation, but enterprise requires full remediation which is to upgrade to 2.16 or greater. Optum has a corporate directive to mitigate the CVE(CVE-2021-...
18 days ago in Business Automation Workflow 1 Submitted