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Digital Business Automation Ideas

This is an IBM Automation portal for Digital Business Automation products. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Start by searching and reviewing ideas and requests to enhance a product or service. Take a look at ideas others have posted, and add a comment, vote, or subscribe to updates on them if they matter to you. If you can't find what you are looking for,

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Please use the following category to raise ideas for these offerings for all environments (traditional on premises, containers, on cloud):
  • Cloud Pak for Business Automation - including Business Automation Studio and App Designer, Business Automation Insights

  • Business Automation Workflow (BAW) - including BAW, Business Process Manager, Workstream Services, Business Performance Center, Advanced Case Management

  • Content Services - FileNet Content Manager

  • Content Services - Content Manager OnDemand

  • Content Services - Daeja Virtual Viewer

  • Content Services - Navigator

  • Content Services - Content Collector for Email, Sharepoint, Files

  • Content Services - Content Collector for SAP

  • Content Services - Enterprise Records

  • Content Services - Content Manager (CM8)

  • Datacap

  • Automation Document Processing

  • Automation Decision Services (ADS)

  • Operational Decision Manager

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

  • Blueworks Live

  • Business Automation Manager Open Edition

  • IBM Process Mining

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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.



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PINNED SQL statements in Dashboard Widgets
I think using SQL statements in widgets would be great to leverage the entire potential of the data uploaded to IBM Process Mining. Lots of important and helpful information cannot be displayed today as it's only SQL-like. I don't think that using...
PINNED Filter UI enables having OR between filters (not just AND)
Users want to filter cases for client1 OR client2. They can't without creating a custom filter with javascript -- which they don't like at all

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Add new filters

it will useful to have the possibility to filter for: Processes only with all activities in rangeProcesses that are active in the time rangeProcesses that have recorded at least one change of status in the period
26 days ago in IBM Process Mining / Submitted 1 Functionality already exists

Allow to deploy a fix of a business automation workflows

Use the branches to create a fix deployable to production environment isn't possible when the BA workflow includes the case features. Make possible this feature again, even if the case feature part as to be manually managed. It's penalizing for in...
26 days ago in Cloud Pak for Business Automation 0 Submitted

Native Mac Ondemand Client and Server Apps

A microsoft windows environment is currently required for our team to Admin or Develop our application which uses CMOD Java API. Some of our team members use Mac which forces them to develop or run the admin client in a virtualized windows environ...
27 days ago in Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) 0 Under review

Native scripting for the OnDemand Client

Please add native scripting for the CMOD OnDemand client. Other clients (Such as DocumentDirect for ViewDirect) have had this functionality for decades. The OLE and DDE APIs in the 10.5 version of the client are antiquated and difficult to program...
27 days ago in Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) 0 Under review

Improve edit service configurable temp path

What we can do is to improve for this: Since we can't avoid popping up the 'Save As' window, we can only try to optimize manual settings/steps in option 2 to make the Temp file path configurable for the end user. The current temp folder(C:\Users\#...
27 days ago in Content Navigator 0 Future consideration

Support for zVM V7.3 and later for current ( and future BAW releases running on zlinux.

We need to have support for zVM 7.3 and later for BAW and later because of the expected EOL for zVM in 2024Q4. Not having this is severly hindering our LCM for zVM.
27 days ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Submitted

Allow multiple uploads of the same document

We have a business use case to allow one document to be uploaded to two different document classes. One document class has a subset of index information, but is viewable to a larger group. Our current solution is to scan the document in twice. Dat...
about 1 month ago in Datacap 1 Future consideration

Exception handling:: Client-side Human Task with attached UCA

Scenario: Process has Client-side Human Task with attached UCA. Once UCA is triggered, the task needs to be completed automatically. Issue: User is working with the Client-side Human Task -> UCA has been triggered -> User is not aware about ...
about 1 month ago in Business Automation Workflow 0 Future consideration

Add group feature in ICN search templates

The customer is designing search templates in ICN where we are using the "Add Group" functionality to add different groups in the search criteria so as to have the "Or match all of these properties" condition between the groups. For the above func...
about 1 month ago in Content Navigator 0 Future consideration

Artificial intellegence robotic application for every agricultural cattle-Poultry -mashroom farming applications etc

AI robotic application for every agricultural & farming sector applications powered by quantum battery with language knowing features
about 1 month ago in Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere 0 Not under consideration